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In recent years we have produced a number of booklets and leaflets.  These may be purchased at CDAC or in CRiC, or can be supplied by post.

Cover of A Long Way to Mhow

A Long Way to Mhow - A Social History of the Men in the 1st Brecknock Battalion South Wales Borderers 1914-19 by Roger Maggs (2018) - £8.00

Roger Maggs grew up surrounded by the stories of the men of the 1st Brecknock Battalion, including those of his father, Sidney.

In A Long Way to Mhow, he brings those tales to a wider audience.  Drawing on newspaper articles, letters and diaries, he tells the story of the Battalion's experience of World War One which took them from the hills of South Wales, via Gibraltar, Suez and Aden to India.

A Long Way to Mhow is published in collaboration with the Crickhowell District Archive Centre.

The Crickhowell Union Workhouse Front Cover

The Crickhowell Union Workhouse 'The Spike' by Margaret Williams and Eliane Wigzell (2018) - £10.00

The ten parishes that fell under the responsibility of the Crickhowell Poor Law Union ranged from the remote and rural communities of Partrishow, Grwynefawr and Grwynefechan to the industrial towns of Brynmawr, Beaufort, and Nantyglo and at their heart lay the market town of Crickhowell and its neighbouring village of Llangattock.

This book tells the story of the Union and its workhouse, set on the hillside of the Dardy, facing Crickhowell. Through original sources such as the Minutes of the Board of Guardians meetings, newspaper reports, and local school records, the development of the Union and its responsibilities is traced.

Interspersed between the reports of the often lively and sometimes argumentative meetings of the Guardians are glimpses of the lives of the inmates and poor residents of the area.

There are tales of marital breakdown, alcoholism, neglect, extreme poverty and abuse.  Judgements passed are harsh, punishment is often hard labour.

The Crickhowell Union Workhouse uses original sources to present an invaluable local study of Victorian poor relief, the social attitudes that guided it and the social conditions it attempted to remedy and address.

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to support the work of the Bethesda Chapel in Llangattock and the Crickhowell District Archive Centre.

 'Young Men, to Arms!'

THIS BOOK IS A TRIBUTE and a very fitting commemoration of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, ensuring that future generations will never forget, and learn of the huge contribution that local people made both during the First World War and after hostilities had ceased.

Many of you, like myself will have very personal connections, and to all those who have spent many hours researching and collating material for this special book, I can only thank them for taking on this worthy addition to our book shelves.

It deserves our fullest support and admiration for a very poignant picture of Crickhowell District at a crucial time in our natural history.

The Story of Latham House The Story of Latham House, Crickhowell  by Tim and Serena Raikes (2010)  -£3.00

The history of an important Georgian town house in Crickhowell. The prominent Vaughan, Cracroft and Rumsey families were involved in the 18th century, the Lathams whose name is today attached to the house, not coming onto the scene until 1815 when Joseph Latham, of the Beaufort Ironworks bought it. Later occupants have included the town’s well-known medical officer, Dr Philip Hill from the 1870s to 1930, Thomas Watkins the Llangattock canal-linked contractor and more recently the eccentric Malcolm Paton. Well illustrated and delightfully written by the current owners.
Crickhowell Through the Eyes of the Tourist Crickhowell Through the Eyes of the Tourist, 1780-1870 by Robert Gant (2009)  -  £3.00

The Napoleonic Wars (1789-1815) restricted access to the continent and focussed traveller interest in Britain itself, resulting in a surge of travelogues. Robert Gant, a geographer, analyses the accounts of 32 writers to see what they can tell us of the physical form and of the economic and social activity in the town during the late Georgian / early Victorian period. Maps and line illustrations and an extensive bibliography.
The Mills of Grwyne The Mills of Grwyne by Raymond Hawkins (2008) -  £3.00

The Grwyne valley, particularly about the villages of Llangenny and Glangrwyney, was an important area of water mills, initially for grain and wool but also driving an important forge near the river’s confluence with the Usk. Then in the 18th and 19th centuries its reputation for paper-making was developed, finally coming to an end in 1950. This account was written initially as a series of newspaper articles by the well-known local historian Raymond Hawkins (1905-1995) but has been edited and illustrated for publication by CDAC.
A History of Llangattock A History of Llangattock, 1851-1951 (From Brycheiniog, in four parts, 2007) -  £10.00 (set)

In 1958-60, as part of a parish history scrapbook competition (which it won) the Llangattock Local History Society carried out an ambitious survey of the geography, history and sociology of the parish. This was edited by one of its members, the Revd. Arthur Reed, for publication in Brycheiniog, journal of the Brecknock Society, appearing in three parts, 1961-63. Forty years later Sarah Sankey-Barker up-dated and complemented the story, basing her account on interviews with long-time local residents, and this too appeared in the pages of Brycheiniog. Early numbers of that journal are not readily available so CDAC has reprinted the Scrapbook and Sarah Sankey Barker’s account in a matching set of four booklets. It is a vital tool for residents of the village and others wishing to know the fascinating history of this village, its people, its canal and its lost industry.
Research Guide to Wills of Crickhowell Research Guide to the Wills of the Crickhowell Area (2008)  -  £1.00

This little guide explains how family historians and others one can access wills, taking particular note of the sources most useful for those seeking family records in the Crickhowell area. It includes ordering information and details of internet access.
Research Guide to the History of Houses in the Crickhowell Area (2008) - £1.00

A brief but delightfully illustrated account of how, with particular note of the information sources available for the Crickhowell area, one might research the history of a house. It has been written by CDAC volunteer Pamela Redwood, who has produced histories of several houses in the area. 
Newsletter 19 CDAC Newsletter  Back numbers

Since 2001 the Archive Centre has produced a newsletter. Developing from a relatively slender publication in its earlier days, its twice yearly publication now usually extends to 32 A5 pages and includes short articles on local history together with a list of recent accessions and news of developments at the centre. It is distributed free to Friends.

Back numbers from No. 14, 2010:  £2.00.   Earlier numbers can be supplied at £1.00.


Other Publications sold by us

  • An account of the Duke of Clarence’s visit, 1890 (2007) by Pamela Redwood
    This is a reprint of an article which first appeared in Brycheiniog (2007)  -  £3.00 

  • Bethesda Chapel Llangattock. A History (2008) by Margaret Williams - £5.00

  • Crickhowell Union Workhouse. The Spike by Margaret Williams - £5.00 

  • Crickhowell. Walking Through History (2007) Crickhowell & District History Society - £5.00 

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